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the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax

DISCLAIMER: Mostly all of our subsequent blog posts will NOT focus on our company, or any of it’s specific collaborators, but will rather provide resources & information that YOU READERS, who passionately fall into the startup, content creation, and/or tech verticals, will find useful and transformative for your own purposes. With that being said, since this is our VERY FIRST blog post (woo hoo!!), please allow us to make a rare exception with a small greeting from our company’s Founder & Creative Director, Derek Jennings:

"Being the eldest son of a professional actor and actress and the older brother of another professional actor, it is safe to say that I literally grew up in a ‘house full of drama!’

I was raised in incubators of creative thought and expression, such as studio lots and theater houses, throughout the Greater Los Angeles area by two, eclectic, headstrong individuals who instilled creative confidence in me at a young age.

Without question, this led me on an insatiable quest to empower people through the art of storytelling- as expressed throughout its various mediums. It is my hope that you associate Apotheosis Entertainment with quality content that emboldens the essence of a brand in ways that push consumers & clients alike to be “the highest point in the development of [themselves].”

​Welcome to Apotheosis Entertainment.

Thank you for joining our journey!



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