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Writer. Producer. Director.

DEREK JENNINGS was raised in incubators of creative thought and expression- the studio lots and theater houses throughout the Greater Los Angeles area- by two eclectic and headstrong artists. From the moment he could read, he was actively engaged and put to work - often reading scripts and discussing story, character development, and what resonates with the human heart and psyche with his parents. Not knowing any better, when asked what his parents did for a living as a little child, he would often innocently reply “audition.” Without question, this upbringing led him on an insatiable quest to engage and empower people through the art of storytelling- as expressed throughout its various mediums.

As an entrepreneurial-minded content creator, Jennings had to exercise an ability to lead in a client-facing role, as well as wear many different hats in order to procure and close out business. It’s reinforced the values of resourcefulness, creativity, teamwork, clear communication, listening, organization, mindfulness, anticipation, positivity, persistence, and most important, fun, that are fostered amongst a successful unit from a trickle-down approach of humility and focus.


This philosophy has afforded Derek various freelance opportunities - further expanding his wheelhouse in Story Development, Physical Production, and Post. Jennings has worked alongside award-winning Creative, Media, and Technology teams for domestic and global enterprises such as IKEA, Google, PWC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Rambus, UBS, AT&T, frog Design, HSN, Animal Planet, Verizon’s Go90, Netflix, ABC, TBS, TNT,  and Warner Bros., creating compelling stories that embed multimedia and creative technology initiatives.


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