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The Three S’s: A Commitment to Excellence

Many moons ago it was imparted onto us, though, at the time, through bold and heightened terms, that any presentation or product of any kind is broken down into three simple, memorable, and crucial components: Substance, Style, and Shine.

Those terms were what we came to affectionately refer to as “The Three S’s” and became a constant barometer to determine the worthiness and success rate of any submission we considered moving forward. As long as the terms of each standard were met throughout our commitment to excellence, we could rest assured that our campaign would be nothing short of successful.

Substance: At the foundation and heart of it all, the message must be clear, concise, and carry enough weight to move your target audience. This means it has to not only be relevant and sympathetic to the cause of the recipient, but also must be well-researched and evocative enough to breed a natural, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual response.

In other words, the ideas expressed must operate at a level that transcends basic understanding and shallow comprehension. It’s purpose must be moving. After all, shinola wrapped in ribbons still stinks…

Style: This is the fun part! Style is the unique manner in which this substantive message is delivered. A handy way to ensure you achieve this is to think of the common phrase “don’t kill the messenger.” If you can present the idea in a fresh and distinct manner that is a natural extension of yourself, yet appeals to the modus operandi of your target audience, you’ve proven your expertise & value, and can look forward to days in the black.

​​Shine: Shine represents the intangible, undeniable, "X -factors" that distinguish yourself and your efforts from your competitor. This relies upon expert attentive skills, a charming disposition, and the gumption to provide the utmost service possible. Any personal tips about your potential client’s predilections are most certainly utilized to it’s utmost at this stage to enforce a personal connection/advocate for your cause.

This, in a nutshell, is the “Three S Theory.”

Make your list; check it twice!!

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